About Us

Some children dream of growing up to be Doctors, teachers or carpenters.  At Backstage Brewing, we have always dreamed of being ROCK STARS.  Backstage Brewing is in the “garage band” stage of the craft beer scene.  We are new to the stage of craft brewing.  Our lead brewer is AJ Leadbetter ripping up the taste control board.  Beth happily playing loyal groupie number 1 and front of house manager since day one. 



After running through several dress rehearsals and going on a few tours the couple decided to stick with their familiar surroundings and to build on experience.  Beth and AJ have enjoyed the music scene and hosting social gatherings together for over 13 years.  They wanted to take their new passion for craft brewing and join it with their existing passion for music and entertainment in their hometown of Stellarton, Nova Scotia.  Under the entrepreneurial guidance and supervision of partners Lynn and Wayne MacDonald the groundwork was laid for a new volume in all their lives. 



Fast forward through a few garage bands with headlining gigs (complete with VIP access) we find ourselves in love with the backstage scene.   Who doesn’t want to party with the band? Backstage Brewing and taproom formed from our love of craft beer and local music. Stellarton’s Backstage Brewing delivers delicious beer for the inner rock star in all of us.  The aim is to create the next big beer act and serve it out cold to a growing fan club.